We have 5 levels of sponsorship:

$500; Sending along sales material and being cited as a sponsor in all of the announcements, the program and published proceedings.

$1000; Attending Saturday for the day with a table and/or poster.

$1500; staying overnight Friday and Saturday with a table and/or poster (all meals and room included).

$2000; staying overnight and presenting during a regular session (15 minutes, 12 min plus 3 for questions)(all meals and room included).

$1200; Named sponsor of the evening socials. Sponsorship would be clearly attributed in the program both Friday and Saturday night and includes distribution of sales material and sponsor citation in announcements, printed material and proceedings.

The meeting has a very relaxed social environment, so, by attending, there is complete access to all activities: meals, talks, poster presentations, hiking or fishing with groups during the break. Everyone stays on the premises for the duration of the meeting and we provide all the beer and wine and snacks on Friday and Saturday night.

It is an excellent opportunity to get to know clients personally and professionally.

Please let contact Joel Rovnak (joel.rovnak@colsotate.edu) with any